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The Biggest Victoria Home Seller Mistakes Many Home Sellers Make Everywhere



With over 40 years selling Real Estate in Victoria.. I see the many mistakes home sellers make when selling their home... I bet you are thinking "But wait Fred don't you advise you clients to help them?"..Yes of course I do, and many follow my recommendations. I'm not just talking about homes in Victoria I list for sale.

However I see these mistakes all to often..The Biggest Home Seller Mistakes I've listed below as the top repeating mistakes many Victoria home owners make that many times stop or certainly reduce the chances of selling their home when they want their home Sold.

  • Over Pricing a Home For Sale
  • Buyers are comparative shoppers and today's home buyers do not want to pay more than they need too.Home buyers are concerned about a house being over priced or there is something wrong when a house that is on the market too long!
  • Poor curb appeal
  • People want to drive by a home before looking inside, so the yard and the outside of a house need to have curb appeal.
  • Messy or cluttered home 
  • Puts off buyers by making the rooms less attractive by looking to small when full of personal items
  • Damages...
  • Buyers worry about how well the house is maintained(especially things they don't see) when they see several issues like cracked windows, broken light switches, burnt out lights, dripping taps, paint scratches or pealing, dirty house, smelly, tired appliances, uncut lawn, etc 
  • Uncooperative Tenants... 
  • it's often hard to get a home buyer back to view a house, most have little time to be out viewing homes, so talk to your tenants about being cooperative with appointments  and keeping their areas tidy and clean.


These are not all the mistakes, just ones I see as the Biggest Home Sellers Mistakes in Victoria.

Over Priced homes: seller will say, "Well a buyer can make an offer, or I don't have to Sell..

Home improvements needed.. home sellers often say "Well a buyer can change the decor the way they want it or paint it with colors they like"..Often Buyer over estimate the cost of improving a home, which in their mind may put a home well over their budget.

Homes also need to pass a professional building inspection and a bank appraisal before a buyer proceeds with their purchase.

Suggestions for Home Sellers in Victoria: Do a pre-building inspection and fix or obtain written estimates for repairs and upgrading, plus it won't hurt to have a current independent appraisal. All before putting your home on the market and be Sharp when pricing your home for sale.

It's no surprise to me ....to see a recent survey on a Realtors blog called "Active Rain" of over 1,000 Realtors coming up almost all the same Biggest Home Sellers Mistakes in their respective real estate markets.

The Biggest Victoria Home Seller Mistakes Many Home Sellers Make

Active Rain Survey of over 1,000 Realtors 



Published Thursday, January 30, 2014 9:10 AM by Fred Carver Personal Real Estate Corporation

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